Award for Outstanding Fundraising Professional

2017Lynn Croneberger, CFRE
2016Barb Coury
2015David M. Huffine, CFRE
2014Eileen R. Heisman, ACFRE
2013Martha Taylor, CFRE
2012Claudia Looney, FAHP, CFRE
2011Sue M. Williamson, CFRE
2010Donald Rizzo, CFRE
2009Kenneth C. Frisch, ACFRE
2008Jim Caldarola, CFRE
2007Paul Marcus, LL.B., CFRE
2006Stanley Weinstein, ACFRE
2005Ann H. Moffitt, CFRE
2004Joseph Maloney, CFRE
2003Michael J. Henley, CFRE
2002Dianne Lister, LL.B., CFRE
2001Daniel M. Meyers
2000Jim Greenfield, ACFRE
1999Ted D. Bayley, ACFRE
1998Barbara R. Levy, ACFRE
1997Joseph Mixer, Ph.D., CFRE
1996Dennis Stefanacci, ACFRE
1995Barbara H. Marion, CFRE
1994Darrell M. Loyless, CFRE
1993Donald A. Campbell, Jr., CFRE
1992B. Jeanne Williams, ACFRE
1991Milton J. Murray, CFRE, FAHP
1990John R. Miltner, Ph.D., CFRE
1989Ernest W. Wood, Ed.D., CFRE
1988Ian T. Sturrock, Ph.D., CFRE
1987Lyle E. Cook, CFRE
1986Henry Goldstein, CFRE
1985Henry A. Rosso, CFRE
1984Philip S.Brain,Jr., CFRE
1983Sandie E. Fauriol, CFRE
1982J.J. Guise, Jr
1981Irl Mowery, CFRE
1980Henry Endress

Award for Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser

2017No Award Offered
2016Salah Bachir
2015Peter Ferrantelli
2014Douglas Ziegler
2013Anita Law
2012Jamie and Patsy Anderson
2011John Bryan
2010Edward M. Friend III
2009William Greehey
2008Robert S. Murley
2007Howard and Joan Katz
2006F. Terry Stent
2005Carol Madson Russell
2004Ann Bedsole
2003David Biegler
2002Ebby Halliday Acers
2001Robert Thornton
2000Dolores Gomez Barzune
1999Robert T. "Bob" Shircliff
1998Kenneth J. Wagnon
1997Major General Hugh G. Robinson
1996Camilla Brauer
1995Sigmund E.Davidson
1994Mrs. Noland "Betse" Blass, Jr.
1993Arthur R. Velasquez
1992Richard E. Hug
1991Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Smith
1990Sam Cooper
1989Harvey M. Meyerhoff
1988David K. "Pat" Wilson
1987Robert B. Shetterly
1986Muriel F. Smith
1985James W. Aston
1984Jane C. Freeman
1983Mr. and Mrs. Whitney Harris
1982Millie Pastor
1981Betty Gerisch
1980Mrs. Donald S. Stralem

Award for Outstanding Philanthropist

2017No Award Offered
2016Alan Siegel and Thompson Family
2015Macon and Joan Brock
2014Maureen Hackett
2013Leslie and Irene Dubé
2012T. Danny Sanford
2011Adrienne Arsht
2010Pete and Ada Lee Correll
2009John Erikson
2008T. Boone Pickens
2007Bernie Marcus
2006James E. Rogers
2005H.F. "Gerry" and Marguerite Lenfest
2004B. Thomas Golisano
2003Jeff Skoll
2002Wynton M. "Red" Blount
2001Bill Daniels
2000Dr. Robert Pamplin, Jr.
1999Mrs. Ruth Collins Sharp Altshuler
1998Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Hilbert
1997E. Desmond Lee
1996James Michener
1995Maddie Lefitt
1994Cecil H Green, Sc.D
1993Dorothy and J.B. Fuqua
1992Alexander Brest
1991Ethel Hawkins
1990The Family of Charles Franklin Kettering
1989O. Wayne Rollins
1988Frank M. Hubbard
1987Jay Phillips
1986H. Ross Perot
1985Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Hilmerich III
1984Dr. Arnold Bechman
1983Dr. An Wang
1982Prudential Insurance Company
1981No entry
1980Samuel C. Johnson

Carter Award for Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy, Individual

Carter Award for Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy, Group

2017Ava Gladstone
2016Archie Hadley
2015Kinsey Morrison
2014Princeton Carter
2013Marli Overgard
2017Paper for Water
2016No Award Given
2015Youth Making a Difference
2014Miles of Scarves
2013Carter and Olivia Ries

Award for Outstanding Young Professional

2017Dzenan Berberovic, MA
Allison Plattsmier, CNP
2016Cherrelle Duncan, MPSA
Leah Heister, MS
Nicholas Kulik, CFRE
Kayleigh Rae Stampfler, CFRE
Jessica Wroblewski, CFRE

Barbara Marion Award for Outstanding Leadership to AFP

2017James Allen, ACFRE
2016Michael Slaymaker
2015Wilson "Bill" Levis
2014Joyce Mitchell Antoine, CFRE
2013Robbe Healy
2012Mark Climie Elliot
2011Susan Hosback, CFRE
2010Carol Numrich, CFRE
2009Paul Strawhecker, ACFRE
2008William "Bill" Moran, ACFRE
2007Robert J. Crandall, CFRE
2006John Kelleher, CFRE
2005Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE

The Charles R. Stephens Excellence in Diversity Award (Chapter Award)

2017No Award Offered
2016Greater NYC Chapter, Category 401+
California, Orange County Chapter, Category 251 – 400
2015Mississippi Chapter, Category 51 - 100
2014Arizona, Southern Chapter, Category 101 – 250
Ohio, Greater Cincinnati Chapter, Category 241 – 400
Greater Washington, DC Metro Area Chapter, Category 401+
2013Florida, Miami Chapter, Category 51 – 100
Pennsylvania, Eastern Chapter Category 101 – 250
Ohio, Greater Cincinnati Chapter, 251 – 400
Ontario, Ottawa Chapter & Ontario, Greater Toronto Chapter, Special Partnership Award for Diversity to Inclusion in Philanthropy Project
2012Florida, Central Chapter, Category 101 – 250
Greater Arizona Chapter, Category 251 - 400
2010Greater Philadelphia Chapter, Category 400+
2008Hawaii, Aloha Chapter, Category 151 – 250>
Georgia, Greater Atlanta Chapter, Category 400+
2007Michigan, Greater Detroit Chapter